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Welcome to the FEELINGS Lab

Purpose of Our ResearchElectrodes 1

The purpose of our research is to contribute to a better understanding of the risk and protective factors for depression and anxiety.


Our Studies

  1. Investigate how risk for depression and anxiety is transmitted within families.

  2. Study young children’s physiological and behavioral responses to their parents’ emotions as risk and protective factors.

  3. Study low cardiac vagal tone in early childhood as a risk marker for depressogenic cognitive biases and emerging symptoms of depression.

  4. Determine if excessively high levels of compassion, self-blame for others’ distress, and empathic fatigue are associated with elevated depression and anxiety.

  5. Examine associations between internalizing psychopathology and inflexible responding to emotional cues in the environment.

  6. Investigate associations between optimistic, positively-biased perceptions of others' emotions and the development compassionate behavior and good mental health outcomes.


Volunteer Research AssistantsPURC 14 2

Research assistants are critical to the success of this research program. Research assistants have the opportunity to learn diverse skills, such as rating behaviors during parent-child interactions, scoring psychophysiological data, administering psychological measures and interviews, and learning statistical analyses for testing research questions.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer research assistant, please complete an online application.